Suggestions for

    1. On the map, the circle which indicates you, should be black, because you can't see the circle when you are in the desert.
    2. When you are holding a weapon, in the inventory, the outline picture of the gun should be black ( now it is white and it is hard to see, if you are holding a grey weapon (eg. scar)
    3. When you click play on a YouTube video that shows up on , it should redirect you to YouTube, so you can watch in a bigger version (the problem is, the box is to small to see stuff, so redirecting to the original video on YouTube would be better).
    4. Should add keybinding (changing controls by your own choice ( I know you are working hard and I don't want to push on you to add it ASAP, it is just a suggestion, what you should bring to the future.
      That is it. My username in Discord is .ioGames#8559 so you can contact me if you don't understand something I said here. Thank you for reading.

  • @ioGames we will add keybinds in the next update

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