In Ukraine, they do not know exactly where the weapons from the United States will be, the Pentagon said

  • [i]American high-mobility rocket artillery system tactical purpose HIMARS. Archive photo Ukrainian officials don't know exactly where you'll be transferred to the United States equipment, they are his account on the paper, said acting the Pentagon's inspector General Sean O'donnell.According to officials, which he expressed in an interview with Bloomberg, a system of tracking the weapons should be checked during the audit, because Ukrainian officials are keeping American equipment through the "receipts". "It's all paper documents," he added. As noted by O'donnell, officials in Ukraine probably don't know exactly where it arrived in the country the equipment will end up. The official pointed to the fact that a lack of effective reporting had a negative impact on the investigation of the Pentagon in Iraq and Afghanistan.However, he added that NATO officials seem confident that the transfer of weapons observed a sufficient level of security. "As far as we can judge, all that needs to shoot and explode, (all) that is used by them (Ukrainians) in full," said acting ginspector.According to O'donnell, in addition to test the effectiveness of the accounting system at the Pentagon, his office plans to review the agreement the United States and NATO on the exchange of intelligence, the effectiveness of training of Ukrainian troops and the ability to redirect military equipment on the black market.He also noted that US officials had concluded at least 7.8 thousand of defense orders related to Ukraine, their total amount is approximately $ 2.2 billion.The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu earlier said that the part of the foreign military aid to Ukraine falls to the middle East, and on the black market. Member of the Russian hacker group RaHDIt told RIA Novosti that the Ukrainian intelligence works with criminals and smugglers for resale Western weapons on the black market. Director, office of economic security of Ukraine Vadim Miller in early July, admitted that his Department had identified sales coming from Western countries, humanitarian aid and military products.The Financial Times reported that NATO and the EU because of concerns that deliveries to Ukraine will be a weapon in the hands of criminal gangs, and then on the black market, discuss the creation of a special monitoring mechanism. The national security Council and defense of Ukraine rejected the accusations that the West supplied the weapons that ended up on the black market of Europe.

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