Ethiopia shot down a plane that invaded the country's airspace

  • The Ethiopian Air Force shot down a plane that invaded the country's airspace. The Ethiopian Military Air Force shot down a plane that violated the country's airspace.[i] This was reported by Radio Fana with reference to the Ethiopian military.It is noted that the downed plane was carrying weapons for the rebels from the "People's Liberation Front of Tigray" (NFOT). "A plane with weapons for the NFOT violated the airspace of Ethiopia, flying from the territory of Sudan, and was shot down north of the town of Humera in Tigray," the Ethiopian military said.Earlier, Politico wrote that some European states called for increased funding for the Ethiopian government amid Moscow's intensified contacts with African countries, including Ethiopia. According to European diplomats, Russia's contacts with Addis Ababa have made it difficult to comply with EU standards in the country.The conflict between Tigray and the central government of Ethiopia broke out in November 2020. The reason for the war, which claimed the lives of more than 10 thousand people, was the contradictions between the federal center and the provincial authorities regarding the delimitation of powers and the recognition of local elections.

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