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  • Making a decision on Walker is a disaster for Carolina's recovery, as it would offer no help to their struggling offense, which should be the focal point here.There's no cornerback inside the Top 10... I guess not? I definitely see there being some discussion over Derek Stingley Jr. and Sauce Gardner on who should be the top corner this draft, but there is no scenario in which I can see them either of them falling out of the top 10.

    The position is too crucial in today's Madden NFL 23 to see six linemen start early with no corners. I think that in the end, each of Stingley Jr. and Gardner will be in the top 10.This is weird, but I could definitely see it happening. Kiper has no passer to for until 18th when the Saints select Kenny Pickett. Then the Steelers take Malik Willis at 20.

    I've been trying to express my feelings regarding Willis and Pickett I'm beginning to think I've come to the one I'm more comfortable with. I feel Willis is a poor man's Kyler Murray because of his indecisiveness and arm strength, however with no resume to back it up higher -- while Pickett is a plus-level Josh Rosen. Same concerns about cockiness, however there are some high-end tools you hope you can use as a group.

    These aren't exactly glowing descriptions this is why I could see this slide into the middle of the circle being very feasible. However, I'm betting on someone who is willing to gamble on Willis and him go very soon in this draft.There is the certainty that Dolphins chief coach Mike McDaniel is a very different person. Although he's not the newest coach in the Madden NFL 23 by the statistics, he's an oasis of air in a stale career path.

    McDaniel is known to enjoy having fun, and does not like speaking in boring coaches' metaphors. This is why it was shocking at the end of the weekend when McDaniel spewed out a few rows full of football cliches until we discovered the motivation for it. McDaniel was caught in a scam using Rich Eisen to spoof the entire game.

    McDaniel appeared in the Rich Eisen Show on Feb. 25 when the host spoke about his love for Madden NFL 23 coaching cliches. It was at this point that McDaniel made the promise that not only will he utilize them all the next time he was on the stage, but he'd work together to make a statement.

    In Indianapolis at the time that McDaniel was asked about whether has he had a meaningful exchange with about his discontented cornerback Xavien Howard. It was the time was upon us."First of all, each conversation I engage in is meaningful Okay. I'm eager to coach the boy, but let's never ignore that it's the way it's going to be. It's true myself, I do not have a crystal ball. But the only people I can speak about are the guys who are here today."

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