Rising From Portsmouths Ashes The New Eu

  • Every Christmas, a typical family in the UK will get caught up in the same yearly merry go round. They may have all the intention of budgeting for their Christmas presents. Going to do the shopping nice and early in November so its out the way so they can sit back and enjoy the special day. Then when it comes to wrapping the presents, panic, we havent bought enough. If they dont get more new shiny presents, Christmas will be ruined and to avoid this scenario the credit card gets a hammering.Christmas will come and go like every other year but when the credit card bills lands on the door step on a cold January morning, reality kicks in and you realise that for that one special day you are going to paying for this for a good few months. Forget treats, forget a holiday if you want this paid back before next Christmas. Pretty depre sing stuff really, night in after night in. You dont have to of course. You could just let the debt mount https://www.proislanders.com/dennis-seidenberg-kids-jersey up and turn a blind eye. But whose fault is it? The education system doesnt teach you this at school so your left to the advice from the banks who, lets face it, after the eighteen months theyve had to say people have lost faith is an understatement. These days people give themselves advice; the more presents you get the better Christmas will be, worry about paying it back later.We all know someone who has used this method to plan for Christmas but yet we will all know someone who will do it again this year.2nd May 2001 https://www.proislanders.com/josh-bailey-women-jersey , Leeds United played Valencia for a place in the Champions League Final. 2nd May 2010 will be the day after they play Charlton Athletic in the third tier of English football. It will be their final home game of the season and the third consecutive year they have played a final league game of the season at that level.We all know the story of Leeds by now. They went for broke and despite getting close, never achieved the fairytale ending they dreamed of. 2004 they were relegated to the second tier of English football. 2007 they went into administration and dropped to the third tier of the English game. So why after this volcano erupted first in 2004 for all to see are clubs still making the same mistakes which are threatening to ruin the game as we know it?It may be quicker to list the clubs that arent in debt than list the clubs that are at this minute in football and as we enter 2010 it is apparent that there may not be as many teams finishing the year that started it.Portsmouth. As things stand their supporters would welcome administration, the ten point deduction and relegation to the Championship with opened arms. Instead they are left in the dark about the future of their club. The club they have spent thousands on out of their honest earnings. Despite the change in owners Portsmouth have seen come and go in recent years, their Chief Executive Officer Peter Storrie has remained in the helm. But going back to the example of a family overspending at Christmas, unlike them, Mr Storrie has had his fair share of education from the nineteen years he has experienced in different forms of a chief executive capacity at different clubs. He cant be solely to blame but surely he should have seen the warning signings way before they had to shut down their https://www.proislanders.com/mike-bossy-jersey website for example, in the capacity of the role he is in?At the other end of the league but whose debts are also well reported, Manchester United. 716.5 million in debt, half that according to Chief Executive David Gill. The facts though on last seasons accounts are that they made 43 million, because they sold Ronaldo. Because they sold their best a sist, top goal scorer and World Player of the Year for 80 million. Ok, Ronaldo was always going to go to Real Madrid eventually but if it wasnt last summer United would have made a lo s of 37 million for their last financial year. 67 million is an awful lot considering the size of Manchester United and they played every single world, European and domestic game apart from the FA Cup Final last season, from the Community Shield to the Champions League Final with the add ons of European Super Cup and World Club Championship. Thats not to mention their pre season programme in Asia in the summer of 2009. All this TV money and revenue these games also make the club in addition to the merchandise they would have profited from the year before when they won double English and European Champions status.All this and they still had to sell their best player to make a profit.Does this mean they will have to sell Wayne Rooney this year to make a profit next year?One big outgoing is of course is the debt to the loans that the Glazers used to buy the club and there busine s model to repay the debt mainly realises on United remaining succe sful. But with an ageing manager, selling the worlds best player and the rising demands in competing with the bottomle s pits of money from Arab owners, the formula doesnt look ideal. No wonder the United fans are singing green and gold till the club is https://www.proislanders.com/tanner-fritz-men-jersey sold they have reason to be worried.So, what is the Premier League doing about it? Dont ask a Portsmouth fan what they think of the Fit and Proper Test. To say it will be negative is an understatement. But, from 1st March they are launching a new Early Warning System. This involves every Premier League club submitting independent audit accounts to prove they can finance themselves for next season. The idea is to spot problems such as what Portsmouth have experienced a lot sooner. Consequences could involve fines and po sibilities of being refused a UEFA licence, meaning exclusion from European football. Every team has to apply for one of these licenses unlike previous years where it was only those who had aspirations of playing in Europe need apply.But what about the lower leagues? Its expected now during the season at least one side from the Coca Cola Leagues will start or fall into administration. Most commonly because of https://www.proislanders.com/thomas-hickey-jersey expensive players wages and agent fees. The FA, Premier League and Football Leagues have all agreed on a Football Creditors Rule. This means all football related debts must be settled before other creditors debts are settled. So eventually the tax man knocks on your door to catch up with you too.Something dramatic needs to be down. Whether its by the FA, the Government or all of the above because in a era where teams are even broke or super rich, something has to give. Football is more than a sport these days and the way that it seems to lose money faster than it makes it, cant be described as a busine s. Surely for the sack of honest football fans everywhere, the busine s men in football have lost their right to handle the financial affairs and to prolong the national game tough new laws such as salary caps, need to put in place.Salary caps, just a whisper at the moment but discu sed all the same. They might save clubs like Crystal Palace, Sotuh

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