Manchester United and their 20 Titles

  • With the cushion of a twelve point gap over their nearest rivals, many believe the 2012/13 Premier league title race is over. Some bookmakers have even paid out on bets for Manchester United to be crowned champions in May. So is it all over or can Manchester City conjure an even greater comeback than last season?There are a number of factors that have played a part in the demise of Manchester Citys challenge. Arguably, it started with Brian Marwood mi sing out on the signature of Robin Van Persie, who has fired United into an una sailable position. His desire to win trophies, which he did not achieve whilst at Arsenal, is incredible. This mindset has lifted United and given them the belief that they are the best team in the country. However, it could have given Citys squad that little shake that championship winning teams sometimes need to get back to the challenge of the season ahead. Instead, Mancini had to settle for a deadline day flurry of below-par signings. Scott Sinclair, Javi Garcia and Maicon are not the calibre of signings which were going to galvanise Citys star studded squad.Another aspect where United have the upper hand over their rivals is in the department of players who play for the team. The majority of Fergusons squad will play for him, the club and the red shirt. When the going gets tough theres at least a handful of players in every game who will dig deep and grind out some form of result, more often than not a winning one. Compare this to the Manchester City squad and it is easy to see why they have dropped points this season. Looking through the team there are only a minority of players who will go that extra mile for the club; Kompany, Zabaleta, Aguero and Hart (regardle s of his form). The rest of the team seem to have lost their desire to win the title after last seasons succe s.Although it has been suggested the Champions League will prove a distraction for Manchester United, it will also be a source of motivation. Every league game will give the United players a chance to cement a starting place in the showcase European games against the likes of Real Madrid. Again, in comparison City have not got this welcome distraction and have only got the prospect of finishing second to motivate them. However, history has taught us that teams with nothing to lose and everything to gain are dangerous and can be capable of extraordinary things, Chelsea being a prime example of this last season. City have a glimmer of hope which will be clung to even tighter with the memories of their comeback last season in mind. However, with the pain of last season still leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of Manchester United it is hard to see Ferguson allowing another title to slip from his grasp.

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