Fergie Keeps the Cash Fergie Keeps the Cash

  • According to the Fergie can keep the cash. This will be a good position for Manchester United. There was much talk in this day and age of the credit crunch that the Glazer family would use the funds to pay some of the https://www.shopprosabres.com/jean-sebastien-dea-men-jersey debt that the club has been saddled with since the Glazer family takeover in 2005. I, as many Manchester United fans, have remained skeptical of the Glazer family intentions throughout the past four years. I have waited at every turn for the family to show there true colors, or so I thought. Last year when the Ronaldo saga was in full force I expected the Glazers to force Sir Alex Ferguson to sell then, but I was wrong. Last summer again with the saga in full force Fergie https://www.shopprosabres.com/curtis-lazar-kids-jersey alluded to the fact that the Glazer family would agree with him to set Ronaldo in the stands instead of giving in to the pre sure. I gue https://www.shopprosabres.com/jake-mccabe-men-jersey s after four years they really do more than talk the talk when they give support to the manager.I sometimes think that sports fans expect to see the worst case scenario when a power struggle develops between a managers ability to run the club, and an owners quest for glory. We see that same struggle all over the world. Roman Abromovich has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to developing a championship club. The man has taken a talented club and installed a revolving door at the managers office. Acro s https://www.shopprosabres.com/zemgus-girgensons-jersey the pond Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has ran off some of the most talented coaches the NFL has ever seen. George Steinbrenner, formerly of the New York Yankees, relished the title The Bo s. Steinbrenners antic are legendary: firing the same manger five times, and deciding what players were needed without any input from his coaching staff.So; with the Glazer families decision to let Fergie splurge with the funds collected from the Ronaldo transfer I must say that it is refreshing to see that they realize their place is https://www.shopprosabres.com/nathan-beaulieu-jersey in the owners box, and not on the pitch. They sign the checks. Thank goodne s

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