Why Arsenal need to ditch Arsene Wenger

  • The attack lost. The defense utterly appalling. 17th. Arsenal. Currently entering into a downward spiral that at at the present doesnt look like the usual blemish on The Gunners average season. Arsenal were always going to have to improve to finish above Spurs and Liverpool again this season. Unfortunately Arsene Wengers transfer policy has been left behind in the modern football money game. You simply cannot sell two out of your three genuine world https://www.ducksedgestore.com/brian-gibbons-men-jersey cla s, top 50 players and replace them with unproven ten million pound signings, and still expect to improve on last seasons performance.Arsenal have suffered a horrendous start to the season. Theres really no way around it. Inter Milan have seen a similar start andGian Piero Gasperini has https://www.ducksedgestore.com/jackson-lacombe-men-jersey been sacked after five games. Wenger needs to be put on the same train if Arsenal are to turn their season around into a respectable one.This was a team that finished fourth last season. Even though we are only five games into the season, Arsenal are in 17th because there have been 16 better teams. Usually I prefer for a coach to stay, but in this case Wenger surely has to go. The sooner the better. This was a manger that is the only manager to ever have an unbeaten Premier League season. Since then hes been forgiven for 3rd and 4th place finishes because he was said to be building his team. He was getting there in creating a quality team. And then he sold the https://www.ducksedgestore.com/corey-perry-jersey nucleus of it to competitors.Arsenal: Down but not just yet outWith the squad Arsenal have, even if Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho came in it would be unreasonable to expect him to salvage a Champions League spot because both Spurs and Liverpool have better squads and are better sides. But if Wenger and his beautiful football ideals go, a new manager would have the opportunity to bring some pride back to The Emirates. But a new manger needs a summer to transfer market to rescue a https://www.ducksedgestore.com/trevor-zegras-kids-jersey squad back to its former glory. Almost to the point that the time between now and May could be completely wasted, apart from maybe the further development of a couple of young players. Jack Wilshire and Aaron Ramsey the main https://www.ducksedgestore.com/blake-mclaughlin-jersey benefactors from Nasri and Fabregas departures to Manchester City and Barcelona respectively. At the moment there seems to be no obvious candidates to replace Wenger although when a good one does than can guide Arsenal to a title challenge at least, they really should snap him up. And give him money to do something with.Want to hear more from Matt?

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