• dude literally uses bots, i have some proof.

    1. When you join, around 2 or 3 people join, then a whole army of 40 people IMMEDIATELY join.
    2. If I stand still the "player" will circle around me and won't even hit me.
    3. People who didn't pick anything up drop guns
    4. "Players" see shield and ignore it. When I shoot them they don't have any shield, this is really stupid.
      To see if someone isn't a bot they will
    5. Use potions
    6. Can drive cars
    7. Can spin
    8. Can open chests instead of picking loot that people drop
    9. Can build

  • no kidding lol, there arent enough people playing the game to actually have a 40-player game.

  • This is really sad because I really like this game 😞

  • ya also i once was in a game with 41 people xD

  • Admin

    The game is kinda new (it only has 1 month) and at late night when there is no one online if is not because we added bots you couldnt evne play.. so what do you rather, play against no one or play against bots... at least this way you can play.. like cmone everygame does this, dont come here acting like u r a private detective lol

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