The seasons have affected all models in NBA 2K22

  • The key to making this experience as immersive and constantly changing as possible was the introduction of Seasons such as these "provide players with fresh experiences and challenges all through all of the time."

    The seasons have affected all models in NBA 2K22 however perhaps the most significant is MyCareer which is where players have battle passes to tackle seasonal drops, many other elements of games from today that fit well into games in the 2K universe.

    However, even though 2K22 was a huge leap forward developers believe there's room for improvement even if they weren't in a position to go into details. The biggest thing that changed in 2K22 was not just the fact that the current and next-gen consoles had completely different social spaces and features, but also that each console had more to offer than the previous year.

    The reason for this was new hardware options as well as the fact that the development team is persistent in pushing the RPG elements of the game forward. What does this suggest for the direction of the series? Without divulging too much, Boenisch shared the dev team's opinions on what the future will bring for 2K.If you want to know more about product information can go to

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