Basic Weapons

  • These are Just a Few Gun Types (And Possible Models) That could Spice up the game:

    1. Burst Weapons: (3 Round)
      Possible Models:
      -M93R (Pistol)

    2. Machine Pistol (Full-Auto)
      Possible Models:
      -Glock 18

    3. Marksman Rifle (Like A Sniper, But It has a bigger mag, less Damage, and Is Semi-Automatic)
      Possible Models:
      -HK MSG-90
      -M14 DMR
      -FN-15 DMR

    Heavy Pistol (Basically a Sniper-Pistol)
    Possible Models:
    -Desert Eagle
    -44. Magnum (The Taurus, Not that Dinky Revolver)

    That is all the Weapon Ideas That I Have, I hope you enjoyed!

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